Interesting Films on NetFlix That You and Sbobet Agent Can Enjoy at Home To Pass The Time During The Coronavirus Pandemic #stayathome

The coronavirus pandemic that happened recently is enough to make everyone affected. In addition to the economic downturn and making some people no longer have income, we are also required to remain at home. If we do not have an interest that requires us to leave the house, the government’s recommendation requires us to stay at home. Despite having to keep working, people are more relaxed looking at working at home because they don’t have to take the time to travel to work or meet business partners. That is also done by many business people, for examples such as the owner of the sbobet agent HokiPanda, Betwin, or Sbowin who also conduct work and meetings at home and after they finish watching Netflix. HokiPanda is the largest gambling agent in the world. To understand more about them, you can check on the Official HokiPanda Facebook Page.

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Our team will give you some references so that your days while at home because the coronavirus pandemic becomes more interesting and colorful. Here are some movies that you can refer to on your favorite Netflix.

The Irishman

The film, released on 27 September 2019, is a crime drama genre. The film is about 3 hours long and has a fairly complex storyline. Many top artists who play in this film, call Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci. Of course, the presence of these artists makes this film more weighty and worthy of you to watch. This film tells the story of a hitman committed by a truck driver named Frank Sheeran, played by Robert De Niro. Are you not curious about this film? prepare a lot of time and snacks because this film will be quite a time consuming and your mind. Enjoy watching!

The Marriage Story

The film is the best comedy-drama genre according to our team which was released by Netflix on December 6, 2019. The film was played by Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver, and others. This film attracts the attention of NetFlix’s loyal residents because the storyline is light but has quite deep meaning. This film tells about a family, where a married couple in this family, Nicole, played by Scarlet Johansson and Charlie, played by Adam Driver, is a husband and wife who share the same passion. Because of this the husband and wife opened a joint business following their favorites. But their beautiful and sweet story was finally hit by a storm and change. We are sure this film will be one of the films you have to watch to fill your time during this coronavirus pandemic.

Itaewon Class

Well, if the previous films we recommend are films from the west. This time our team will recommend films from Korea that are no less interesting. And the film Itaewon Class is a series of 16 episodes. Quite a lot and can help spend your time at home right? the film was produced in 2020 and played by Park Seo Joon, Kim Da Mi, and many others top korean artist. This film tells the story of an ex-convict who embodies his dream of becoming a conglomerate in the food industry. Of course, the story is not as easy and as beautiful as that because he experienced turmoil during his life which included the death of his father and the end of his dream because he had to get out of school because he defended his friend in the bladder but finally he was the one who got injustice. Interesting right? hurry up watch the film.

James Bond, One Of The Best Action Movies

James Bond is a fictional character adapted in the film franchise. The creator of James Bond’s character was Ian Fleming, who was first published in the novel in 1953. James Bond was a secret spy from England who worked at the British intelligence organization, MI6. The code name of James Bond is 007. James Bond has been adapted in dozens of Hollywood widescreen movies and loved by many fans around the world. James Bond is One of dozen movies with casino involved in the film. One of the casinos that used for the shoot is owned by HOKIPANDA groups, which one of the biggest agen sbobet in Indonesia. The first James Bond film is Dr. No was released in 1962. Since then, dozens of other films have been released while maintaining the theme of spying, some of which are well known include From Russia with Love (1963), Goldfinger (1964), The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), License to Kill (1989), GoldenEye (1995), Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Solace (2008) and Skyfall (2012).


The franchise was a success and became one of the most successful of all time, only losing to Star Wars, Harry Potter and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film itself is produced by Eon Productions and there are only two films that are not produced by Eon Productions. As a character, James Bond is described as being tall, athletic, handsome and around 30-45 years old. He has good spy skills, coupled with the ability to fight barehanded and expert in swimming, skiing and golf. Bond also has an obsession with several things, namely drinking, smoking, gambling, automotive and women. And because gambling is part of the bond thing, many boss from casino around the world supporting this movie.

Throughout its history, there have been six actors who were cast in James Bond in the official film production by Eon Entertainment. In addition to these six actors, there are two other actors who have also been James Bond, namely Barry Nelson in the TV series in 1954 and David Niven in the James Bond parody film in 1967. And Next, we will show six actors who played James Bond in this franchise movie.

  • Sean Connery
    Full name: Thomas Sean Connery
    Date of birth: August 25, 1930

Place of birth: Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland
Nationality: Scottish
     Dr. No in 1962
     From Russia with Love in 1963
     Goldfinger in 1964
     Thunderball in 1965
     You Only Live Twice in 1967
     Diamonds Are Forever in 1971

  • George Lazenby
    Full name: George Robert Lazenby
    Place of birth: Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia
    Date of birth: September 5, 1939
    Nationality: Australian
         On Her Majesty; s Secret Service in 1969
  • Roger Moore
    Full name: Roger George Moore
    Place of birth: Stockwell, London, England
    Date of birth: October 14, 1927
    Nationality: English
         Live and Let Die in 1973
         The Man with the Golden Gun in 1974
         The Spy Who Loved Me in 1977
         Moonranker in 1979
         For Your Eyes Only in 1981
         Octopussy in 1983
         A View to Kill in 1985
  • Timothy Dalton
    Full name: Timothy Peter Dalton
    Place of birth: Colwyn Bay, Denbighshire, Wales
    Date of birth: March 21, 1946
    Nationality: English
         The Living Daylights in 1987
         License to Kill in 1989
  • Pierce Brosnan
    Full name: Pierce Brendan Brosnan
    Place of birth: Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland
    Date of birth: May 17, 1953
    Nationality: Irish
         GoldenEye in 1995
         Tomorrow Never Dies in 1997
         The World Is Not Enough in 1999
         Die Another Day in 2002
  • Daniel Craig
    Full name: Daniel Wroughton Craig
    Place of birth: Chester, Chesire, England
    Date of birth: March 2, 1968
    Nationality: English
         Casino Royale in 2006
         Quantum of Solace in 2008
         Skyfall in 2012
         Specter in 2015

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Definition of Documentary Films and the Types of it


There are many genres and types of films available. Some of the most popular types of film genres include action, horror, comedy or drama. Films with this genre are most often produced and shown in theaters. In addition there are also other genre of film genres that are not inferior. One of them is a documentary. Definition of documentary film (documentary film) is a film that documents a reality and facts. In documentaries there are no fictional stories made up to dramatize scenes throughout the film. That is, documentary films are used to represent reality and re-present facts in life that are made more structured in the duration of the film.

The term documentary film was first used in a Moana film in 1926, precisely on February 8, 1926. The film review was released by Robert Flaherty. The term documentary was also used to describe all non-fiction films. This means that all films that tell facts and facts are included in this type of documentary.

The documentary is also a recording of events taken directly while the real event is taking place. In documentaries, the entertainment element is not too highlighted. The important point, of course, is the special message from the theme of the documentary. Even so in some documentaries also feature sufficient entertainment.


Documentary films are often used as a medium of social criticism by photographing dark things in the country such as portraits of poor people’s lives or social inequalities that occur in a country. In addition, documentary films are also used to make biographical films of a character. Popular artists, musicians and singers of the world often make documentaries with video documentation of concerts and shows and their daily lives.

Types of Documentary Films :

Contains a portrait, biography and life journey profile of a world famous figure, it can be a president, minister, businessman, artist, musician, and others.
Examples: Mandela, Salvador Dali, This Is It Michael Jackson

Contains recorded events and historical events that occurred in the past, can be in the form of war, treaties, past life and others.
Examples: Triumph of the Will, Olympia I, Pearls of the East

Contains footage of a complete trip report to tourist attractions or certain places can be in the field of anthropology or entertainment fields only.
Example: Nanook of the North, Song of Ceylon

Contains documentary films about education and something that can provide information from the fields of science, technology, culture and others.
Example: Discovery Channel, National Geographic

Contains records of investigations and journalistic investigations of a case or event that is being discussed with the aim of knowing more deeply.
Example: The Thin Blue, The Act of Killing

That’s a little information about documentary films and their types. The documentary is indeed a film that contains recordings of real events without the existence of fictional elements so that this type of film depicts real events. Hopefully this information is useful and can be a reference.

Genres And Variant of Films


Movies have become the most awaited entertainment show today. Many world famous film productions, ranging from Hollywood films, Hong Kong films, Korean films, Bollywood films, and others. The existence of film has become a lucrative industry and business for the perpetrators. New film screenings in theaters are always anticipated by film lovers all over the world. No wonder so many good and high quality films have succeeded in breaking through world box office achievements. The theme and concept of the film is divided into several main genres, depending on the content and concept of the story.

Sometimes a film has many genres, but of course there is one main genre that is more prominent that becomes the identity of the film. There are many genres of film genres that have different type and characteristics. Some of the most common and most popular include action films, drama, horror or comedy. Of course there are also several film subgenres that come from these main genres with more specific characteristics. Next we will present information on the types and kinds of main genre films that are popular in the indsutry.

  1. Action = Film that presents a lot of action and fight action
  2. Adventure = A film about adventure and exploration to a place / location
  3. Animation = a cartoon film who produced using animation techniques
  4. Biography = film that tells the lifestory and everything about a real character
  5. Comedy = A funny film with the aim of making the audience laugh and enjoying the show
  6. Crime = Films with a criminal theme as the main setting
  7. Documentary = Documentary film about a particular topic / object
  8. Drama = Films that present the drama conflicts of some existing figures
  9. Family = Films that containing family moral messages for everyone who watched the movie
  10. Fantasy = Films with fantasy and imaginative settings and characters
  11. History = Film that tells a historical event
  12. Horror = A horror movie with the aim of making the audience frightened and screaming
  13. Musicals = Films with musical based that present singing and dancing to give the audience the messages
  14. Mystery = Films that contain elements of mystery and investigation
  15. Romance = Film about a romantic love story
  16. Sci-Fi / Science Fiction = Films about science fiction and technology
  17. Sport = Film with the theme of the world of sports
  18. Thriller = Film that presents an element of tension throughout the duration
  19. War = Film set in a real war era
  20. Western = Western film in the style of a cowboy and the western world

And many more, this list only represented genre who loved by most of people in the world. Regarding a detailed review and explanation of the genre of the film genre can be seen in the next article. So what genre do you loved the most ? tell us 😊.

The History Of The Hollywood

Origininally Hollywood is part of the United States of America, and its located in Los Angeles, California. Hollywood is now known as the best place where the most famouse and the best film is made off. The most famous and best film in this industry made here everyday. Not only that, now Hollywood also seems to be the center of the entertainment industry throughout the world. Many popular western films are produced in Hollywood that are referred to as Hollywood films. No wonder then that Hollywood films are always anticipated every year in theaters throughout the world and many have won the box office title worldwide. But how did this Hollywood film industry begin? Next we will show the early history of the emergence of the Hollywood film industry.


The early formation of the Hollywood film industry began during the WWI or the first world war. In that era the development of film was increasingly advanced where films from France and Italy became the most popular. Both are able to penetrate the cinema market in Europe and also internationally globally. The United States film industry then seeks to rival France and Italy by making film productions centered and based in the Hollywood region.

They also successfully broke into the European film industry with a variety of good and quality films that were popular in that era. In the 1920s to 1930s for example, where American films produced by Hollywood became the most productive with an average of 800 film productions per year. Various film genres such as comedy, repetition, romance and drama became the mainstay of Hollywood production in that era. Famous actors and actresses such as Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks or Clara Bow successfully become Hollywood’s superstars.


The entertainment industry in Hollywood is also growing very rapidly. With the existence of color film technology starting in the 1950s, black and white films began to be abandoned. Many films produced by studios in Hollywood were then able to have great success. Hollywood’s film production industry also seems to proclaim itself as the best and most popular film production in the world.

Various ideas and story concepts continue to be developed by people and creative people who are behind the Hollywood screen. Various developments in terms of graphics, animation, sound to visual effects in Hollywood are also always one step ahead of other industries and film studios. No wonder so many other film industries then try to imitate models and concept ideas from Hollywood cinema as a whole. The history of the formation of Hollywood also seemed to be the history of the film itself.

Until now, Hollywood is the most popular movie entertainment industry in the world with several historical film studios. At present several film studios such as Columbia, Warner Bross and Paramount have their bases in Hollywood. Hollywood, famous for its Hollywood Hill landmarks, later became the largest and most popular motion picture film industry in the world, capable of producing up to hundreds of films each year.

History About Films In the world

The existence of films or movies have existed for a long time in this world. The history of world film began in the 1890s. when The discovery in the world of photography in the form of a camera became the main factor which later became the beginning of the development of film in that era. The camera obscure became the first camera to be found which later became the beginning of the formation of the cinema and cinema industry. The development of a camera that is now more advanced and sophisticated also indirectly contributes to the quality of the films produced. As we know that film quality is getting better from year to year and giving shocks, both in terms of image quality and graphic visuals.

The beginning of the idea for the first film came in 1878. At that time a figure from the United States named Edward James Muybridge made 16 pictures of horses connected together in 16 frames which then gave the illusion as if the horse was running. The concept of film by frame is also the beginning and the basic concept of filmmaking in that era and also in the modern era going forward. The concept of a running horse was also the first animated motion picture created in the world.


The development of camera innovations is the one who made first films made in the world. Is the scientist Thomas Alfa Edison who developed a camera function that is capable of recording moving images, and not just photographing static images. The cinematography era began with the creation of the first short documentary film in the world by the Lumiere brothers. The first film was titled Workers Leaving the Lumiere’s Factory and only lasted a few seconds. In addition, the story only describes factory workers returning and leaving their workplaces at the Lumiere factory. Even so this film is recorded in history as the first film that aired and played on Boulevard des Capucines in the city of Paris, France. The screening date for the film on December 28, 1895 was then set as the birth date of cinematography.

Since then, other short films have been made. Initially filmmaking did not have clear and continuous goals and storylines. Filmmakers only record pictures and circumstances around them. But then the idea of ​​filmmaking began to penetrate the industrial world. Films began to be made with more concept and have a clear story line. At that time the film screen was still in black and white and also not supported by audio sound. Therefore, when playing movies there is usually a music player who accompanies directly as a sound effect.

Entering the 20th century, the development of film began to develop rapidly. Starting with the development of audio sound. Films began to be made with a longer duration and have sound in it. The concept and theme of the story also extends from a variety of genres, from comedy, romantic, adventure to war. Various companies and film studios began to be made for business and entertainment in that era.

In the era of the 1900s and 1910s, European films, mainly from France, Italy or Germany, stole attention and were able to be popular around the world. It was only in the 1920s that the United States film industry Hollywood production began to be made and immediately popular. The Hollywood film industry went on to become the most popular film industry because of the quality film they made untul now. Even we are fans of Hollywood film.

And now film development in the wolrd is increasingly developing drastically with the increasingly sophisticated technological advancements that can help in film production. And everyone now thingking film as one of the best hobby to killing time or recreation.