History About Films In the world

The existence of films or movies have existed for a long time in this world. The history of world film began in the 1890s. when The discovery in the world of photography in the form of a camera became the main factor which later became the beginning of the development of film in that era. The camera obscure became the first camera to be found which later became the beginning of the formation of the cinema and cinema industry. The development of a camera that is now more advanced and sophisticated also indirectly contributes to the quality of the films produced. As we know that film quality is getting better from year to year and giving shocks, both in terms of image quality and graphic visuals.

The beginning of the idea for the first film came in 1878. At that time a figure from the United States named Edward James Muybridge made 16 pictures of horses connected together in 16 frames which then gave the illusion as if the horse was running. The concept of film by frame is also the beginning and the basic concept of filmmaking in that era and also in the modern era going forward. The concept of a running horse was also the first animated motion picture created in the world.


The development of camera innovations is the one who made first films made in the world. Is the scientist Thomas Alfa Edison who developed a camera function that is capable of recording moving images, and not just photographing static images. The cinematography era began with the creation of the first short documentary film in the world by the Lumiere brothers. The first film was titled Workers Leaving the Lumiere’s Factory and only lasted a few seconds. In addition, the story only describes factory workers returning and leaving their workplaces at the Lumiere factory. Even so this film is recorded in history as the first film that aired and played on Boulevard des Capucines in the city of Paris, France. The screening date for the film on December 28, 1895 was then set as the birth date of cinematography.

Since then, other short films have been made. Initially filmmaking did not have clear and continuous goals and storylines. Filmmakers only record pictures and circumstances around them. But then the idea of ​​filmmaking began to penetrate the industrial world. Films began to be made with more concept and have a clear story line. At that time the film screen was still in black and white and also not supported by audio sound. Therefore, when playing movies there is usually a music player who accompanies directly as a sound effect.

Entering the 20th century, the development of film began to develop rapidly. Starting with the development of audio sound. Films began to be made with a longer duration and have sound in it. The concept and theme of the story also extends from a variety of genres, from comedy, romantic, adventure to war. Various companies and film studios began to be made for business and entertainment in that era.

In the era of the 1900s and 1910s, European films, mainly from France, Italy or Germany, stole attention and were able to be popular around the world. It was only in the 1920s that the United States film industry Hollywood production began to be made and immediately popular. The Hollywood film industry went on to become the most popular film industry because of the quality film they made untul now. Even we are fans of Hollywood film.

And now film development in the wolrd is increasingly developing drastically with the increasingly sophisticated technological advancements that can help in film production. And everyone now thingking film as one of the best hobby to killing time or recreation.