The History Of The Hollywood

Origininally Hollywood is part of the United States of America, and its located in Los Angeles, California. Hollywood is now known as the best place where the most famouse and the best film is made off. The most famous and best film in this industry made here everyday. Not only that, now Hollywood also seems to be the center of the entertainment industry throughout the world. Many popular western films are produced in Hollywood that are referred to as Hollywood films. No wonder then that Hollywood films are always anticipated every year in theaters throughout the world and many have won the box office title worldwide. But how did this Hollywood film industry begin? Next we will show the early history of the emergence of the Hollywood film industry.


The early formation of the Hollywood film industry began during the WWI or the first world war. In that era the development of film was increasingly advanced where films from France and Italy became the most popular. Both are able to penetrate the cinema market in Europe and also internationally globally. The United States film industry then seeks to rival France and Italy by making film productions centered and based in the Hollywood region.

They also successfully broke into the European film industry with a variety of good and quality films that were popular in that era. In the 1920s to 1930s for example, where American films produced by Hollywood became the most productive with an average of 800 film productions per year. Various film genres such as comedy, repetition, romance and drama became the mainstay of Hollywood production in that era. Famous actors and actresses such as Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks or Clara Bow successfully become Hollywood’s superstars.


The entertainment industry in Hollywood is also growing very rapidly. With the existence of color film technology starting in the 1950s, black and white films began to be abandoned. Many films produced by studios in Hollywood were then able to have great success. Hollywood’s film production industry also seems to proclaim itself as the best and most popular film production in the world.

Various ideas and story concepts continue to be developed by people and creative people who are behind the Hollywood screen. Various developments in terms of graphics, animation, sound to visual effects in Hollywood are also always one step ahead of other industries and film studios. No wonder so many other film industries then try to imitate models and concept ideas from Hollywood cinema as a whole. The history of the formation of Hollywood also seemed to be the history of the film itself.

Until now, Hollywood is the most popular movie entertainment industry in the world with several historical film studios. At present several film studios such as Columbia, Warner Bross and Paramount have their bases in Hollywood. Hollywood, famous for its Hollywood Hill landmarks, later became the largest and most popular motion picture film industry in the world, capable of producing up to hundreds of films each year.