Definition of Documentary Films and the Types of it


There are many genres and types of films available. Some of the most popular types of film genres include action, horror, comedy or drama. Films with this genre are most often produced and shown in theaters. In addition there are also other genre of film genres that are not inferior. One of them is a documentary. Definition of documentary film (documentary film) is a film that documents a reality and facts. In documentaries there are no fictional stories made up to dramatize scenes throughout the film. That is, documentary films are used to represent reality and re-present facts in life that are made more structured in the duration of the film.

The term documentary film was first used in a Moana film in 1926, precisely on February 8, 1926. The film review was released by Robert Flaherty. The term documentary was also used to describe all non-fiction films. This means that all films that tell facts and facts are included in this type of documentary.

The documentary is also a recording of events taken directly while the real event is taking place. In documentaries, the entertainment element is not too highlighted. The important point, of course, is the special message from the theme of the documentary. Even so in some documentaries also feature sufficient entertainment.


Documentary films are often used as a medium of social criticism by photographing dark things in the country such as portraits of poor people’s lives or social inequalities that occur in a country. In addition, documentary films are also used to make biographical films of a character. Popular artists, musicians and singers of the world often make documentaries with video documentation of concerts and shows and their daily lives.

Types of Documentary Films :

Contains a portrait, biography and life journey profile of a world famous figure, it can be a president, minister, businessman, artist, musician, and others.
Examples: Mandela, Salvador Dali, This Is It Michael Jackson

Contains recorded events and historical events that occurred in the past, can be in the form of war, treaties, past life and others.
Examples: Triumph of the Will, Olympia I, Pearls of the East

Contains footage of a complete trip report to tourist attractions or certain places can be in the field of anthropology or entertainment fields only.
Example: Nanook of the North, Song of Ceylon

Contains documentary films about education and something that can provide information from the fields of science, technology, culture and others.
Example: Discovery Channel, National Geographic

Contains records of investigations and journalistic investigations of a case or event that is being discussed with the aim of knowing more deeply.
Example: The Thin Blue, The Act of Killing

That’s a little information about documentary films and their types. The documentary is indeed a film that contains recordings of real events without the existence of fictional elements so that this type of film depicts real events. Hopefully this information is useful and can be a reference.