Genres And Variant of Films


Movies have become the most awaited entertainment show today. Many world famous film productions, ranging from Hollywood films, Hong Kong films, Korean films, Bollywood films, and others. The existence of film has become a lucrative industry and business for the perpetrators. New film screenings in theaters are always anticipated by film lovers all over the world. No wonder so many good and high quality films have succeeded in breaking through world box office achievements. The theme and concept of the film is divided into several main genres, depending on the content and concept of the story.

Sometimes a film has many genres, but of course there is one main genre that is more prominent that becomes the identity of the film. There are many genres of film genres that have different type and characteristics. Some of the most common and most popular include action films, drama, horror or comedy. Of course there are also several film subgenres that come from these main genres with more specific characteristics. Next we will present information on the types and kinds of main genre films that are popular in the indsutry.

  1. Action = Film that presents a lot of action and fight action
  2. Adventure = A film about adventure and exploration to a place / location
  3. Animation = a cartoon film who produced using animation techniques
  4. Biography = film that tells the lifestory and everything about a real character
  5. Comedy = A funny film with the aim of making the audience laugh and enjoying the show
  6. Crime = Films with a criminal theme as the main setting
  7. Documentary = Documentary film about a particular topic / object
  8. Drama = Films that present the drama conflicts of some existing figures
  9. Family = Films that containing family moral messages for everyone who watched the movie
  10. Fantasy = Films with fantasy and imaginative settings and characters
  11. History = Film that tells a historical event
  12. Horror = A horror movie with the aim of making the audience frightened and screaming
  13. Musicals = Films with musical based that present singing and dancing to give the audience the messages
  14. Mystery = Films that contain elements of mystery and investigation
  15. Romance = Film about a romantic love story
  16. Sci-Fi / Science Fiction = Films about science fiction and technology
  17. Sport = Film with the theme of the world of sports
  18. Thriller = Film that presents an element of tension throughout the duration
  19. War = Film set in a real war era
  20. Western = Western film in the style of a cowboy and the western world

And many more, this list only represented genre who loved by most of people in the world. Regarding a detailed review and explanation of the genre of the film genre can be seen in the next article. So what genre do you loved the most ? tell us 😊.